The Loss Prevention

Loss prevention, a Retex framework for the reduction in inventory reduction.

Aside from the error risk and the inefficiency in typical processes in the supply chain; an important part of the inventory differences is due to losses at the cashier, even more than theft.

Among the various possible options (cash payments or with cards, reward and coupon management tied to various loyalty programs, returns and transfers), illegal actions or operational defects create consistent damages to the company. These, in Italian Large Organised Distribution, display around 1.1% to 1,4% of yearly revenue.

Our framework is based on a specific business intelligence tool, useful in determining the nature and size of the phenomenon. The acquired information allows for corrective actions to be implemented. The selling point’s efficiency is improved, reducing the complexity of operational processes and highlighting the areas at risk of fraud.

/ / Advantages

Punctual control of promotions’ margin
More efficient stock management
Operational control at the selling point
Highlighting incorrect staff behaviour
Consistent reduction of damage caused by fraudulent practice and management defects.
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