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Selling in China requires the fundamental need of a presence on WeChat and the continuous update of the Official Account. Executing each task requires the correct competencies so that a brand can accurately reach their goal.

Retex manages all communications (contents creations, editorial plan management, advertising campaign planning), marketing (creation of digital engagement activity, CRM integration) and sales (planning and delivery of online sales points within WeChat).

For brands currently operating, or seeking to approach, the Chinese market, it is important to count on the Official Account. Brands must continuously evolve and render them more attractive with engaging and interactive contents.

In the luxury sector, brands must seek to go beyond the basic ‘store window’ of products and services. Instead, they must appear as entertaining and inciting locations with the aim of providing sophisticated and unique shopping experiences.

/ / The results

ICONIC store front: our solution can manage stores within WeChat.

Iconic and the Store Front

  • User Experience already optimised for WeChat
  • Customer Service function integrated with Iconic for simple, direct management via Wallet
  • Automatic follower recognition
  • Completely customisable Templating Search Engine
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