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Communication and Digital Engagement

/ / What we do

Marketing anything in China requires the fundamental use of social media. Retex harbours the answers, competencies, tools and, most importantly, the experience for the task. We operate on the largest digital ecosystem, constructed around social media applications due to their size, uniqueness and dynamics.

Social networks only a few years of age, already have over 100 million users, yet they are still dwarfed by WeChat’s user base of over 1 billion and has now become synonymous with the ‘internet’. Due to its ubiquity, any communication strategy and digital engagement campaigns cannot exclude WeChat.

Digital Retex is the only European Trusted Partner by Tencent, the holding company of WeChat. Our Italian and Chinese team is a significant asset when it comes to establishing an efficient communications channel.

Thus, we are the best bridge for brands which seek to reach and engage Chinese customers both locally and abroad.

/ / The results

Social Ads on WeChat

  • Over 70 customers served
  • Over 120 campaigns planned
  • Over 800 million impressions
  • Awarded by Tencent in 2017 for creating 5 of the best WeChat campaigns in the world
  • Over 50 brands currently managed on WeChat and Weibo

New OAs and Mini Programs

Live Streaming

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