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Chinese online markets

For some market segments, China is an essential target for Western brands because it represents at least one third of world demand.

In order to address more than a billion consumers in the correct way, it is essential to carefully combine personal brand identity with local peculiarities and, of course, to use the right channels; starting with WeChat, the primary intermediary for relating with consumers in the Chinese online market, and continuing with Weibo, Baidu, Ctrip, etc.

With our support, any brand wishing to enter or consolidate in the Chinese market can ensure the best return on investment.

Our experience allows the correct profiling of the target, management of communications, cultural mediation, advertisement planning, the creation of a highly personalized customer experience, integration with the main business systems.

If properly managed, the WeChat Official Account and all the initiatives created ad hoc on the Chinese social channels are the best way to achieve these objectives and therefore transform a simple showcase of products and services into a place of involvement and entertainment for those seeking a unique shopping experience.

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