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No company can do without motivated people, aware of their objectives, who share the common cause. Nowadays, it is essential to have digital recruitment, measurement and management tools.

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Staff training is an essential process and determines the performance of a company. It would be to dive into discuss retail management without first discussing new staff training and learning methods; gaining a significant competitive advantage lies in staff perfectly understanding how to fully leverage each available tool. The rapid takeover of new trends in the market need to be anticipated with state-of-the-art training methods if a brand wishes to stay ahead of the competition.

The Retex Academy is our integrates platform specific to best retail training programs and e-recruitment process. Training in retail includes the most relevant formation programs for any company with a direct or indirect network of distributors.

We can train staff in a synchronous or asynchronous manner, with interactive digital tools, done either locally, externally or throughout work shifts, depending on company needs.

We can guarantee a punctual and centralised control of all training contents required.

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