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Data analysis is a major leverage giving retailers worldwide a competitive advantage, and even a means of survival.

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The competition increase in the sector marks an importance central to control functions and analysis. Hence, it is necessary to provide necessary tools to measure results and performances.

Key performance indicators are the primary tools for management control. Adhering to or deviating from KPIs, accurately measured, allow for correct planning of future activities.

Capitalising the value of available information – numbers, text, data, codes and more – to create an immediate advantage and support for short and long term strategies.

Our reporting systems improve operational and financial results of retailers and are built with the most diffused technologies. At Retex, the certification of the specialists with Onik and Board is one of the main security factors for the clients.

/ / The results

  • Over 50 customers served
  • Business Intelligence for our customers in the sectors of Mass Retailing, Fashion&Luxury and F&B
  • +60% average margin on products thanks to loss prevention monitoring
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