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in-store technologies

/ / Our services for the store

The need to improve and personalise the in-store experience of the client implies the need for new assets. The typical selling and post-sale processes need to be aimed towards maximum client satisfaction. This means clarity during the choice and purchasing phase, safety, time efficiency, ease of payment and homogeneity of the relationship between physical and virtual store.

For us, the best answer to the needs of the store passes through the discontinuity of what is obsolete and the continuity of the value which already exist. We are main partners of the main vendors in the market and this gives us the greatest freedom towards any situation. At the same time, it allows us to base innovation on solid ground. Hence, we can integrate what is already in place with the most advanced hardware and software. Otherwise, we can use recently created proprietary technologies for omnichannel management.

/ / Our numbers in one year

  • 105,000 phone calls handled by the Help Desk
  • 15,500 on-site interventions successfully completed
  • 4,300 sales outlets managed
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