Retail consulting

Mobile, Omnichannel, Digital, Self: the role of the physical sales outlet changes rapidly.

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Extensive research allows retailers to correct, improve and innovate business models and company processes. It is an action which grows through time, which defined and consolidated the best balances among structures, operations and interests which often are not complimentary.

In retail, strategies necessary for competitive advantage and growth are only effective if they adapt to variations in consumer behaviour. This is prominent for the radical innovation of the selling point, purchasing decision factors and in avant-garde technologies which support typical processes and in-store systems.

With a vast and qualified set of services we help retailers to strengthen in a market with weak demand, focusing on the relationship between costs and value.

Retex applies advanced service planning methodology, analysis and process valuation (costs, time and quality) and of organisational structures, change management and reengineering.

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The example of a Retex team at work for one of our Mass Retail customers, tackling an international digital project

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