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Iconic is an advanced, highly flexible proprietary platform we can adapt, model and customize to your specific business needs.

Advanced, flexible, ICONIC.

Iconic includes all the applications, proprietary technologies and integrations
we have developed to help retailers move into the future.

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Iconic Solution is the natural means for the digital innovation of the store. It includes advanced and easy-to-use applications which integrate all executive or analytical functions and any type of technological equipment for the management of the entire operating cycle, so as to obtain improvements measurable over time and in quality.

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  • Advanced Check Out System
  • In Store Order
  • Marketplace
  • eCommerce

Iconic Customers Module allows to highly personalize every stage of the purchase path, with mutual benefits for the customer and retailer. The management of POS, electronic cash registers, self-scanning and self-checkout systems, go hand in hand with the central importance of the smartphone, promoting the spread of mobile commerce and the most advanced payment systems.

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  • Self Check Out
  • Self Scanning
  • Cash Management
  • Etichette Elettroniche
  • Systems and POS
  • Totem
  • Locker
  • Smart Badge
  • ePayment
  • RT Printer Monitor
  • Digital Menu
  • Food Delivery
  • Kiosk
  • Mobile Ordering
  • Payments
  • Retail/POS

Iconic Connector is the technological prerequisite for the services that tie the consumer to the retailer in a relationship of loyalty built on the recognition and connection of all touchpoints of the purchase path. With the integration of the promotional engine and the loyalty system it is possible to achieve the optimized personalization of promotions, discounts, coupons and services.

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  • Click & Collect
  • Loyalty, Couponing and Conventions

Iconic Data’s analytical applications respond to the crucial need for in-depth knowledge about the customers. The collection and processing of data, from the various sources and at any point of contact, are the necessary means for forecasting demand, sizing the offer, customer retention and loss prevention.

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  • BI Omni
  • Loss Prevention
  • CRM/Mktg Automation
  • BI

Iconic Conversational Commerce improves the conversion rate, supporting the search and purchase of what is desired, where e-commerce sites often fail. The direct relationship between brand and customer gives the opportunity to intervene throughout the entire purchase cycle according to the customer’s needs, who, on his part, establishes the preferred modalities and times of communication.


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  • Social Commerce
  • Conversational Commerce

In order to best carry out the functions of branding, digital technology must be set at a single point, located between the universality of the web and the individual. Iconic Media & Communication is the set of technologies, skills and services useful for doing branding at the highest and most effective level of communication with the target audience.

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  • Google Search
  • Brand Reputation
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Google Display

With the “headless commerce” solution CX – Commerce eXperience, an omnichannel digital platform, the Fashion, Luxury & Design brands have a powerful digital control panel at their disposal to orchestrate business systems in a single open, flexible and agile ecosystem.

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  • Conversational Commerce
  • In Store Order
  • Marketplace