Our Offices

Our history is made of diversity, and the breadth of our offer is due to many reasons. Sometimes we have made good use of what we used to do, driving traffic between shopping carts, shelves and checkout barriers. In other cases, we have sought and found the right people and the right means in order to drive the change.
Then some lucky encounters, on the road to China or around the corner, led us to decide that the journey could be made together. Today the Retex Group brings together different companies and stories, and every day we write a few more pages. What never changes is the common goal: innovation.

Milan / /

Our main headquarters. This is where the management, staff and part of the mass retail business work side by side with the Chinese spirit of Digital Retex and the F&B team. Just down the road, another office attempts to contain the explosive creativity of our colleagues at Nuvicom.

Modena / /

This is the headquarters of 3Esse, our system integrator, where they work on mass retail technologies, store infrastructure, and BI services and analytics.

Turin / /

It is the operational office responsible for most of project and client management skills, technical assistance services and Help Desk.
Here there is also the warehouse for technological assets for customers.

Albenga / /

Our base on the Italian Riviera in Liguria. This is where the Tecno Logica team creates the applications used in 1,500 supermarkets and stores owned by the biggest names on the market.

Florence / /

Our software lab. This is where our applications for the world of mass retail are developed.

Ivrea / /

This is the development and support centre for My Trade, our frontend technology, and houses another helpdesk division.

Shanghai / /

Our outpost in the Land of the Dragon, where our Chinese team acts as our go-between with the West and provides consultancy services and market analysis.

London / /

Within earshot of Big Ben, we introduce leading luxury and fashion brands to the Chinese market and help strengthen their presence.

Venice / /

This is where Venistar, the company specialising in the development, supply and implementation of innovative solutions for the management of typical Fashion & Luxury processes in retail, wholesale and distribution, is based.


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"I am pleased to see that we are different. May we together become greater than the sum of both of us"

Leonard Nimoy