Winning Cooperation

Our choice of Iconic was decisive in our order flow management, and brought about a marked improvement in customer shopping experience. We will use Retex technology for the omnichannel aspect of what we offer, and to support the Romanengo store network.

Working with Retex has been decisive in digitalizing our business, and going beyond the physical limit of the restaurant. Omnichannel marketing now allows us to reach more customers and improve operational performance. Our e-commerce site and integration with Deliveroo’s services are examples of this.

“Thanks to Venistar, we have adopted a new cultural approach which allows us to design and enable digital strategies by unifying the processes in the various areas into a single collaborative platform (CX – Commerce eXperience). Consequently, we can extend the omnichannel experience to all departments and the entire brand supply chain, including to the customers”.

We believe that the value Retex shows stems from their deep knowledge of the Italian and international retail business. This was an essential prerequisite for Dimar when choosing a strategic partner, all the more so when the technologies and services are provided by a team that is constantly on hand in normal and exceptional circumstances.”