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Digital store and mobile stores are the most obvious form of the tumultuous evolution of retail. In 2015, e-commerce accounted for 7% of the world's retail, in 2021 it will rise to 18%, possibly more.

Through any means, at any time, in any place, the customer of today must be able to access a personalized storefront and an ever-improving shopping experience. There are three decisive phases: choice of the product, delivery in the most suitable way, payment.

In this context, digital communication is of crucial importance.

Active online brands must become publishers of their own content, radically changing their perception of themselves and their relationship with their acquired and potential target. Whether it is a general or progressive repositioning, also working to defend and promote web reputation on a regular basis, or for specific projects in the advertising or commercial field.

For the retailer, it is essential to have the skills and services suitable for improving the visibility of the website and, of course, for every activity that can bring to it the greatest number of visitors and customers really interested in its content.

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