WeChat, "being there" is no longer sufficient: Chinese luxury goes beyond the showcase.

WeChat Montenapoleone
Michele Caprini
29 Jun 2018
"China accounts for 30% of purchases of luxury goods in the world. The brands in the industry must take up the challenge and address Chinese customers speaking their own language. Having only a showcase on China with an official WeChat account is now the norm; now we need a change of pace to present ourselves in a unique and distinctive way. Being there is no longer sufficient".

Without beating about the bush, this is how our CEO Fausto Caprini captured the attention of the hundred participants at the meeting held on the 27th in the Montenapoleone VIP Lounge. The theme of the event, reserved for fashion and luxury operators, was the necessary evolution of presence on the Chinese market through WeChat.

Andrea Ghizzoni, manager of Tencent (the holding company that owns WeChat), then outlined the new scenario made up of risks, emergencies and great opportunities.

For brands active on the Chinese market, site discontinuation is becoming an increasingly common practice, assigning a direct digital presence to the official WeChat account only. Some 14 million are active today, aimed at the most sophisticated digital clientele in the world and in a context of exasperated competition. However, only 30% of these are run successfully.

Carlo Torrani , Missoni
"In an omnichannel scenario, WeChat is the channel that guarantees the most complete experience: from online contact with the brand to the experience in the physical store"

For the others, simple presence is not a guarantee of results. Least of all if this presence does not capture the specificity of the desired target and is limited to showcasing, accompanied by simple translation of texts, objects and images designed for the Western customer.

Profiling the right target, relationship with the customer at the highest level of personalisation, more advanced services and rich in content with interactive elements and strongly geared to engagement. Appropriately managed, the official WeChat account is the only appropriate means to pursue these objectives. And, therefore, rather a simple showcase of products and services, it becomes a place of entertainment and involvement of buyers looking for a unique shopping experience.

Matteo Guerrini, Moschino
"This event has been a surprise. Different from others, not institutional and conventional. The idea of ​​an immediate and personal follow-up, based on the needs of the single customer, is very interesting"

To these innovations is added an increasingly sophisticated advertising, the design of which earned Digital Retex recognition by Tencent as one of the five most successful international advertising campaigns in 2017 (in favour of a well-known Italian fashion brand). In recent months, the company has carried out campaigns in virtual reality, directly linked to eCommerce solutions, based on very strong target profiling and creating unique and consistent brand stories for all points of contact with Chinese customers.

Davide Torrisi, Bocconi
"We chose Digital Retex because we were looking for - and we've found it - a partner with a deep knowledge of the Chinese market, such as an Italian subject could never have"

In the course of the evening, great importance was given to Iconic, the Retex technology dedicated to management of official accounts on WeChat, and to the Live Streaming service. This enables direct transmission on all the main Chinese digital platforms of different events - fashion shows or new product launches, for example - making them directly available for purchase via WeChat.