On the "Frecciarossa" of Catering - First stop: Via Watt 10, Milan

25 Jun 2018
On June 21, Retex engaged with Catering and Retail operators on the subject of substantial and ultra-rapid changes in the Food and Beverage sector. The meeting took place in Via Watt 10, Milan, and was attended by various representatives of the sectors concerned. They included Marco Airoldi from Rossopomodoro, Luca D'Alba from Autogrill and Alessandro Sampaoli from Panino Giusto who led the discussion together with our CEO.

The topics up for discussion were certainly many more than half a day would allow, but linked to two common denominators. The similarity with "Frecciarossa" trains is due to the speed of change shown in recent times in consumer behaviour and the stop in Milan has been made necessary by the technological opportunities (educated and, above all, to be seized) useful for indispensable innovation for those who run the service.

In terms of extension and depth, the scale of the phenomenon has been unequalled in the recent history of the sector. To the point that, by extension, Large Retail Organisation (GDO) has also been decisively affected, and other types of business other than Distribution have also considered it useful to meet unpredictable aspects of consumer demand. The case of the  Puro Gusto coffee bar, opened last winter inside the Intesa Sanpaolo branch of Corso Vercelli in Milan, is symbolic.

On several occasions, we have spoken about the primary characteristics of the change and of the responses needed to manage it, even recently (in another part of the website, with the opinion in this context by Daniele Favara, head of the Retex food and beverage unit). One figure stands out above all as central: the continuous and progressive shift of food spending from the domestic sphere to "Out of Home". The technological and application definition that Retex gives of the change was presented by Antonello Plantamura, head of the "Digital Store" service line of our company, in the second part of the meeting. In his speech, the innovative points of the offer were also presented in an unusual and captivating narrative form: home delivery, interactive kiosks, self ordering and payment systems.

Closure of the meeting fell to Epson, sponsor of the event. After having outlined the general market scenario, Alessio Ughi focused his attention on the themes of customer experience and digitisation of front-end processes.