Mobile payments: maybe is now a must

17 Dec 2018

More than 45% of consumers who shop online purchase with mobile payments, while 34% do so with a computer.

This is the key takeaway from a study by, one of the world’s top websites for studying the payment cycle by traffic, which collected data on the behaviours of 4,900 American online consumers.

The study found a compelling link between discovering the items online and paying for them remotely via a mobile device, thereby attesting to the important role smartphones (and, to a much lesser degree, tablets) play in converting browsers to buyers.

The study offers many interesting findings regarding payments. Overall, 72.8% of consumers who paid remotely via a mobile device had discovered their purchases online.

An integral part of the "customer experience"

That mobile payments are becoming an ineliminable feature of the online shopping process is nothing new, but has revealed the percentage of users is probably even higher than we previously thought. The study shows that 25.7% of consumers pay for their purchases using a smartphone, irrespective of where they may be and this even includes while shopping in a physical store.

When considering the forms of payment used to finance their purchases on mobile devices, 37.1% of respondents said they use debit cards, while 28.7% use credit cards. 9.9% said that they use PayPal, and 3.2% Apple Pay. Amazon Pay and Walmart Pay each accounted for 1.7%.

All in all this data is rather disappointing for Walmart . Traditional retailers are paying increasingly more attention on online payments, and the “pay” initiative from the world’s largest retailer had opened the door to greater expectations. Walmart Pay was actually designed to grow more quickly than other mobile wallets on the market.

Mobile checkouts... ASAP

Considering the higher user-satisfaction rate of consumers using mobile devices for their purchases, it is ever more important that an aspect which is now a decisive factor in the overall customer experience is given the attention it deserves. Of all the services that retailers now need to promote, the introduction of mobile checkouts in stores is definitely one of their top priorities.