Italy's Digital Audience, an explosion in three years

digital audience
22 Nov 2018

Audiweb, the digital audience surveyor in Italy, published its data for the month of September today. The study, conducted in collaboration with Nielsen, and undertaken using the American research company's highly sophisticated technologies, provides important insights into the state of digital progress in the country.

The global digital audience in the period observed counted 42.7 unique users who used the network from at least one of the devices detected - computers, smartphones or tablets. This traffic therefore involved 70.5% of the global population in total. As regards mobile use by the adult population (age band considered: 18 to 74 years) 75.1% of the sample, equal to 34.1 million people, connected via smartphone.

On an average day, 33.5 million users, aged 2 years and over, were online for an average of almost three hours per person per day. As regards the devices used, 11.7 million people used a computer (19.4% of the 2+ year old population), 5.4 million people used a tablet (11.8% of the adult population) and 27.7 million connected via smartphones (60.9%).

The composition of the digital audience is an obvious indication of the daily lives of people between 18 and 34 years of age, with 82.4% of cases detected on an average day. 74% of this segment browsed from smartphones, which was also the preferred device for people in the age range 45 to 54 years. The segment was present online in 81.7% of cases. The intermediate band of 35-44 year-olds was active, however, in 78.2% of cases, from one of the detected devices and in 65.9% of cases, via smartphones.

Three-year comparison

Today's surveys are even more interesting when compared to data from three years ago. In September 2015, these data included 28.8 million unique users (compared to 42.7 currently). On average, 21.6 million unique users in total were online on average for 2 hours a day per person.

As for the devices used, the survey - which considered smartphones and tablets as a single set - found 20.7 million unique monthly users, 47% of Italians between the ages of 18 and 74. On an average day, mobile traffic involved 17.5 million connected users, almost half today's figure, and on average, for less than two hours per person, compared to the current figure of three.

The drop in using the Internet via PC is particularly relevant too. At that time, PC use represented 26.6 million users, but over the past three years, this has been lowered to less than 12.