Retex, food & beverage and emergency

Emergenza ristorazione
11 Mar 2020

Nowadays, every aspect of private and business life is heavily affected by the emergency resulting from the risk of infection linked to COVID-19 virus

In the current situation every Company belonging to Retex Group has organized its daily activities in order to allow the best possible operation, in compliance with the regulations provided for by the national authorities. We do so to safeguard our employees, our partners, our clients and all our stakeholders as a whole.


We observe, on this occasion, the particular difficulties experienced in this days by companies running food & beverage businesses, which have been severely hit by the necessary restrictions on the normal life based on relationships and, consequently, on the quality and quantity of consumptions.

We feel, of course, an obligation to offer an extraordinary contribution in terms of service and availability, in this specific moment, to all companies and workers of the food & beverage business affected by the emergency.

In particular we want to express our deepest solidarity to all the companies and brands we have being supporting and we will support in the future in the achievement of successful business results. This is the case of brands like Temakinho, Panino Giusto, Obicà and Crudo which will be affected, in the immediate future, by the difficulties caused by the emergency itself and by the consequences of the decision to temporarily, but completely, stop their operations in their restaurants.

To them and to all the players in the food & beverage business, our CEO Fausto Caprini and Luca Venturoli, Director of F&B Business Unit, want to ensure the continuity of our presence and the willingness to support with any extraordinary effort that might be required to help them to get back to a more normal situation.


The difficulties caused by the COVID-19 emergency hit Food & Beverage companies particularly hard. Our special solidarity, therefore, goes to the companies and workers in this business, to whom we assure the continuous commitment and every extraordinary effort required.


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