Deloitte 2018: read about the changes in the top 250 in the world retailers

17 Jan 2018
Deloitte Global Powers of Retailing is the authoritative annual report on the state of the sector. The figures presented in the 2018 edition, which has just published, highlight the wide and profound changes in world retail. This is represented by the ranking of the top 250 operators worldwide, according to data obtained from the official financial statements for the 2016 fiscal year. First of all, it should be noted that the total turnover of the top 250 distribution groups in the world has gone up by 4.1%, amounting to 4,400 billion dollars. The apocalypse in the American sector is not a common to the entirety of World Retail and instead manifests itself in its true nature of local restructuring, due to the crisis of old distribution models superimposed on an unsustainable oversupply. Only 4 of today's top Retailers were present in the 2001 rankings: Walmart, Kroger, Home Depot and Carrefour, although their respective positions have changed. The evolution of consumer trends, the relationship with consumers and, more generally, the evolution of omnichannel have had a significant impact on the conditions and perspectives of many operators. The 250 top Retailers classified by Deloitte highlight the serious consequences for various brands and distribution models, plus the corresponding success of new players. There have been serious difficulties for historical brands that have linked their fortunes exclusively to physical distribution, in particular in the Department Store format: Macy's, JCPenney, Sears/Kmart and specialists such as Toys 'R' Us, reached the end of their stories in 2017. Deloitte 2018 Infographic The Deloitte report also reflects the evolution of the economy over the past decade. There is no surprise that the digital innovation that has characterised our recent history emphasises Amazon's leadership. The company owned by Jeff Bezos, which took 157th place in 2001, is now among the top 10 in the world: it is in sixth place, with worldwide revenues (94.6 billion dollars) up 19.4%. The notes on Amazon will probably be even more positive when Deloitte publishes the 2019 report, integrating the data related to the acquisition of Whole Foods. The undisputed leader of the top 10, despite the times and changes (managed with enviable efficacy), is the giant Walmart, with a 2016 turnover of 458.8 billion dollars, +0.8% up on 2015. Costco follows, with 118.7 billion (+2.2%). The first among the European retailers and fourth overall, behind the American Kroger, is Lidl, with 99.2 billion dollars and a decidedly strong growth rate (+8.3%). This figure is even more complimentary if we consider that the group exceeds the compatriot Aldi, in eighth position, with 89.4 billion, although it boasts a positive variation of 4.8 percent. As for Italy, Coop and Conad are confirmed respectively in 72nd and 78th place. The Deloitte top 250 also features Esselunga in 131st place, up 2.6%, and Eurospin, which improves its performance with a notable +8.6%.