WeChat ADV, the digital vehicle bringing Western brands to China

29 May 2017
WeChat is one of the most popular apps in the world. Used by more than 900 million people, it cannot be considered a simple social network given the breadth of the services offered, even though the app includes the classic messaging feature. Over ten million companies manage their customer relationships through an official account (OA) on WeChat. Advertising  on WeChat WeChat is the preferred communication channel for any business or individual who wants to operate in China. In Europe, Digital Retex allows Western brands to communicate with Chinese consumers all over the world, creating marketing campaigns with WeChat Ads (the only company authorised for this purpose). There are two ways to promote your services and products on WeChat:
  • BANNERS: banners appear above articles or on pages of other OAs and can be used to re-direct users to an external URL or directly gain new followers. Companies can utilise 'click-to-follow' in the form of text and/or images, URL banners that direct users to an external page or to download an app, as well as coupon banners for the immediate promotion of the company's OA.
  • MOMENTS: moments is the name of the WeChat feed and is one of China's most popular social media bulletins (more than 3 billion posts per day). Campaigns on Moments are responsible for about 80% of OA content views. These campaigns can be in the form of text and images or video/audio and appear in the feed's fifth position for users belonging to the selected target audience.
Target profiling is based on filters that identify the target audience: age, gender and geographic location of users who have attained a specific level of education, the smartphone they use and their interests and habits. Campaign performance data analyses contextually indicate the number of impressions, budget-related daily spending and information on the target audience. Once the campaign has ended, the effectiveness on the involved target can be evaluated along with the total interactions with the brand’s content. WeChat ADV: where, how and with whom? The ADV campaigns are aimed at any company interested in communicating, in any way, with the Chinese audience. Digital Retex, a WeChat Official Reseller, supports Western brands in planning, launching, and managing ADV campaigns in the largest and most varied digital community in China.