A week of artisanal beauty: Il Salone Del Mobile

Salone del Mobile
04 Mar 2019

Now into its 58th edition, the Salone del Mobile is gearing up again to be the focus of international attention.

The Great Migration

Once a year, for one week, Milan becomes overwhelmed by overseas tourists coming to admire the pieces of furniture at Fiera di Milano. More than 2,000 brands showcase their products, ranging between furniture built from Italian craftmanship with the finest of materials, to electronic products and new prototypes.

Therefore, it is truly one of a kind immersive experience. Not only is this an opportunity for customers to witness the very best creativity, products and capacity for innovation, but it is also a chance for vendors to advertise their brands to the 434,000 visitors and boost their brand awareness. Just under 70% of these visitors come from 188 other countries, meaning that there truly is a global migration to Milan for that given week.

The Silk Road

During the last few years, there has been a significant growth of Chinese consumers’ interest towards Made in Italy products. According to ITA (Italian Trade Agency), the number of Italian furnishings entering China has nearly doubled in 2017. In particular, the exports increased by 42%, representing $519m USD, and within the first quarter of 2018 that value further increased by 3 points.

This highlights the drastic importance of outbound Chinese tourism for vendors but, to tap into this vast sea of opportunity, warm Italian hospitality simply will not cut it for such demanding category of tourists. To accurately welcome Chinese consumers, brands must be aware of their bond with the digital world.

According to National Bureau of Statistics of China, online retail revenues in 2018 were approximately $1.33 trillion (+23.9% over 2017). Of these, sales of physical goods were $1.03 trillion, 18.40% of the corresponding retail total (+3.4%).

Therefore, the event of Salone del Mobile represents a great opportunity for vendors to gain a portion of this treasure by providing the right technological tools.

Raiders of the New Arc

Considering the above, there is no doubt that China represents a great opportunity for international brands, but unlocking its potential is not a simple task. Numerous brands which have attempted to integrate themselves in this market have faced a many issue. For example, the lack of knowledge of their target and the inability to make the best use of their digital assets have led to an overall underperformance.

When preparing for Salone del Mobile, brands must not forget to integrate in the strategy both offline and online channels. This will increase the chances to ensure maximum client attraction and engagement. Through the years, Digital Retex has helped various brands like Poliform, Kartell and Poltrona Frau to establish an accurate communication plan, advertising campaigns, the necessary touchpoints and ad hoc contents to highlight the uniqueness of the brand and make it stand out among its competitors.

With offices in Europe and Shanghai and being a Tencent’s only European Trusted Partner, Retex is at the forefront of Euro-China integration. Retex has a multicultural team working on every aspect of a digital marketing campaign which have proven to be successful in either optimising or starting operations in China for well-known design brands, such as Poliform, Kartell and Poltrona Frau.