Milan Fashion Week, the world of fashion takes notes

Milano Fashion Week
08 Oct 2019

Milano Fashion Week is one of the most important events for international fashion. And, therefore, a great opportunity to approach the Chinese community.

This year, the participating brands showed their new Spring 2020 collections. Some brands obtained great success, and some did not receive the hoped appreciation.

Jing Daily, the leading online newspaper for the consumer tendencies of luxury products in China, gave scores to the brands present at the Fashion Week. Looking at these scores it is possible to obtain important behavior indications on that market.

What to do

Prada and Gucci were the absolute protagonists of the event. The success was given by the beautiful clothes showed and by the right mix between them with KOL, celebrities, and social engagement.

Due to the strong presence of Chinese people on social networks, this is probably the most important guiding factor. Both Prada and Gucci made great efforts to create a social campaign that could impress the Chinese people.

Prada developed a special mini-program on WeChat for the occasion, trying to recreate the atmosphere of the event and, in the end, obtained a great success. Gucci instead, strong of its huge follower base (1.83 million) on Weibo, decided to invest in a live-stream through the platform, receiving more than 26 million views in total, a great success.

However, Gucci did not promote its new products on WeChat, focusing just on Weibo. These two campaigns are the best representation of what should be done to do a perfect social adv campaign, on both WeChat and Weibo or just one of them.

What not to do

Sometimes, luxury brands take wrong decisions because their domestic processes are inappropriate for the local realities. The scan of Chinese social media, for example, can reveal itself as completely inadequate. Furthermore, investments for product development are often disproportionate compared to those for brand equity.

Many brands present at Fashion Week had to face some problems with the Chinese community in the last years; some made mistakes in previous adv campaigns perceived as offensive to them. Others, instead, did not receive a satisfactory engagement level.

The main problem, in these cases, is the lack of Chinese characterization of the show. Sometimes for the absence of Chinese models, sometimes because the digital adv campaigns were not so engaging with the target. Videos, photos, and interviews with foreign celebrities, which did not speak to the Chinese audience, induced negativity for the brand.

The involvement of celebrities and KOL’s is also fundamental for the outcome of this kind of event. Their attendance, due to the extremely high presence of Chinese people on social networks, provides a big boost to the views and the engagement of the posts.

Many brands used neither Chinese celebrities nor KOL’s and this resulted in low engagement and loose of followers. Furthermore, the low-intensity presence on social networks led to a lack of interest in the target.

Social media, therefore, are a central factor of importance for a positive impact on Chinese consumers. In conclusion, the future of a brand on that market may depend on the correct use of these.


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