London : Digital Retex - “Beyond Borders”

27 Nov 2017
November 21st – Chartered Accountant’s Hall, London: Digital Retex - “Beyond Borders”. Beyond borders; How to reach, attract and engage Chinese consumers was the topic at Digital Retex’s London breakfast at Chartered Accountant’s Hall, in London on November 21st. In 2016 more than 10 million Chinese people travelled in Europe. The figure becomes more and more remarkable when compared to the number of Chinese people that have a passport: less than 7% of the population, about 90 million citizens. According to Goldman Sachs estimates, there will be almost 155 million Chinese passports by 2025. Next year will be “EU China Tourism Year”, an event fixed two years ago by the European Commission and Chinese Government. The flow of visitors to the key European tourist destinations will increase: especially amongst those born in the 80’s representing 45% of travelers, whilst an additional 11% will come from travelers born in the 90’s. Whilst the volume of Chinese tourists is impressive, it’s their spending power that is turning heads. The development of Chinese economy during past 10 years, combined with the effects of “One Child Policy”, has resulted in a concentration of wealth in young people. They are, for all intents and purposes, the real driving force behind consumption in China. Half of Chinese tourists expected travelers will be under 40 WHEN? and have an ever-increasing penchant to purchase. The numbers presented in Digital Retex’s London conference highlighted the opportunity to international brands: target this market effectively. WeChat, the platform that provides digital services, is the intermediary for the huge number of active users in China (900 million daily users): With WeChat is possible to promote brands for possible future travelers, engage them with the Official Account, advertise, take payments, gain followers and sell through ecommerce.