The Golden Week for Chinese Travellers and International Retailers

10 Oct 2017

The Golden Week presents an opportunity for Chinese people to travel overseas, and businesses to harness the spending power of this growing number of Chinese tourists.

The Golden Week is a Chinese national holiday that lasts 7 days in honor of the establishment of People’s Republic of China. Every year on the 1st of October companies’, offices and warehouses close and send all their employees on holiday at the same time. Many workers decide to go back to their hometowns, but a large number take the chance for a week off to travel abroad. In 2016, 4 million Chinese went abroad and the number is only expected to increase. The Golden Week has so become a global phenomenon, seen by many international businesses as a money-spinner not only in China, but across the world.

Thanks to Chinese tourists, not only the hoteliers and the tourist industry can benefit from the Golden Week. As a matter of fact, Chinese travellers love shopping and they rank first for overseas spending. Chinese travelers abroad spend nearly $200 billion a year. During the last Golden Week, they spent £600 million in in London alone. More than a half of outbound Chinese jetsetters cited shopping as their main reason for travel. The prospective of another bumper Golden Week’s sales looks strong, so it’s important to be ready.

One of the most effective way to reach Chinese travelers in Europe is through digital marketing and social channels, such as WeChat, the key communication tool used by nearly a billion Chinese people. According to China tourism and Ctrip, 64% of Chinese people travelling abroad book flights and hotels through their mobile devices. Moreover, they plan their shopping weeks in advance to find the best products, often surfing on WeChat and being influenced by KOLs. One of the criteria that Chinese people use when choosing their destination is the presence of Chinese-language services. A successful example is given by Marriott’s International who launched a special program catered for Chinese tourist prior the Golden Week. They created Chinese-language services integrated in WeChat, where travellers could directly connect to a Marriott concierge for bookings, travel information and general customer service, along with other in-site services such as Chinese speaking staff and power adaptors.

Digital Retex, Tencent’s trusted partner, is ready to help European business in leveraging the Golden Week and other Chinese festivals with a tailored marketing strategy. The expertise of Digital Retex can enhance businesses’ digital presence and guide them through online advertising and drive to store campaigns for driving costumers to shop in store. This highly lucrative sales season must not be missed by businesses who want to build their presence the Chinese market.