The Made in Italy e-commerce on WeChat

Ventis is an eCommerce platform promoting exclusively product “made in Italy” for fashion, food&wine and household

The strategic aim of the company is to promote and affirm its eCommerce model on the Chinese market. The essential channel to achieve the goal is using WeChat and integrate it with the company IT systems.

Project / /

The strong skills acquired over the years on the WeChat technology enabled us to develop our proprietary compatible extension platform, called ICONIC. Within this, the “Store Front” feature allows a full operational connection of the WeChat Official Account with the Ventis’ eCommerce system.



The product catalogue, sent orders and after-sale procedures are natively integrated in the original processes of the Ventis IT systems. As a result, Store Front retains a single control centre for all the sale transactions, performing on every channel and from everywhere.



A Payment Service Provider has also been activated to enable payments via WeChat Pay.