Dimar and the easy scanning of discounted products

Dimar S.p.A. operates in Mass Retail with nine different brands with a different format, in which 3500 employees work mainly in the northwest.

In order to introduce self-service terminals at the check-out, the company considered the sequence to read the products to be discounted (coming up to expiry or end-cuts from the cold meat counter) to be a complex phase. The discount is applied by two different "stickers" which, when scanned at the till, calculate a discount. Dimar wanted to simplify the scan of products to be discounted for customers using the self-checkout.

The project / /

Retex identified the best solution was to read a single bar code and acquire a single sticker with the original product code.


Results / /

Scanning products to be discounted became simple and fast for the customer, with an almost zero error rate.

The solution:

This envisages printing a new type of sticker applied to the package on the shelf, which covers the original product code.

Sticker printing:

The sticker is printed facing the shelf via a Motorola “Smart Badge” terminal and a portable Zebra printer with the adhesive label thermally printed directly.