Villaggio Turistico Internazionale

Your vacation within smartphone reach

Digital evolution under the shade of a beach umbrella, with a click!
Since its foundation in 1963, the International Tourist Village, set in the middle of the typical pine forests of the Adriatic coast, is the ideal choice for those looking for a vacation dedicated to fun and relaxation, most favoured by national and international tourism.
The Goal?
Expand and digitize some of the Village’s main services.

The Project

The innovation, made possible by the collaboration with Retex, has enabled to meet the primary need of the Village: the creation of a virtual wallet with which to make all purchases in the facility and reduce cash payments.

Guests make the necessary top-ups with credit card or cash, pay for the services inside the Village with the virtual wallet and check the balance, all directly with their smartphone. Iconic Food & Beverage platform enables all of these operations.

With Iconic, the entire customer experience related to catering has been digitized: menu consultation, online ordering, takeaway and delivery.

The Platform

The Retex Group’s proprietary service platform chosen by the customer, enables several catering services:

  • takeaway: available from over ten restaurants and refreshment points within the Village;
  • delivery: in the room or to the umbrella on the beach and by the pool. In this case, by scanning a QR code on the umbrella, the guest can order and receive deliveries on the spot, thanks to the geolocation of his position;
  • loyalty: management of the virtual wallet, through the Iconic F&B LoCo promotional engine, allowing guests to receive discounts and vouchers which can be used within the Village.