Video mapping in the heart of Milanese fashion

The Samsung Group is a South Korean multinational that operates in fifty-eight countries worldwide. Founded in 1938, it is the country’s largest industrial business and a leading consumer electronics manufacturer
The company wanted to create projection mapping to complement traditional ATL activities for the campaign to launch the «Galaxy S6 Edge+» smartphone in Italy. The idea involved projecting a «mapped» story onto a billboard covering the side of a building in Corso Como, in Milan. The goal was to enhance the smartphone’s photo performances, linking it to Milan’s international design and fashion mood.

Video mapping

A billboard with a static advert during the day and an animated story during the evening.

The methods involve mapping any kind of surface and the creation of contents modelled specially to fit the measured spaces.

In Samsung’s case the surface area was of 120mq spread vertically with predefined graphic elements. These were part of the static campaign during the day, and were planned to have a different projection in the evening.

The key elements of campaign

Nuvicom, a company part of the Retex Group, intervened on all project phases.

The creation was divided in three phases: creativity, production and post-production.



The approach to the video is communicated from a concept phase and a visual mood of the story told. After the definition of the visual style and of the first layers’ design details, workable storyboards were produced.


The photography shoot was done in a theatre close to Corso Como. The video contents used for the animated scenes was also created in the theatre.


The style of the video needed the amalgamation of various techniques, from the photography shoot to the video shoot, from the design to the 2d animation. The creation between the digital world within the phone and the external one is key to the videos’ compatibility.