Unicoop Tirreno

The big retailing chain launches its new e-commerce channel

Shopping where you want it and in full safely with Unicoop Tirreno
Unicoop Tirreno was established in 1945 and today is one of the seven large consumer cooperatives of the Coop system. It is mainly present in central Italy with 94 points of sale including supermarkets, hypermarkets and convenience stores, employing 3600 staff. With the support of Retex, Unicoop implements its e-commerce channel by adapting and integrating the existing systems.

The e-commerce channel

There are two ways of spending currently offered on the portal, which the user can choose after registering:

  • click & collect
  • home delivery


The first, which is already active in 12 supermarkets, was later enhanced with the functionalities of the second. The real time synchronization between e-commerce and product availability of the point of sale is essential.


Retex’s technological expertise has permitted to launch the platform within a few months from the start of the project. The new Unicoop Tirreno e-commerce system enables the verification of availability between warehouses and points of sale, cash payments applications and access to the central database of Coop Italy to acquire information on products.