Tenuta Podernovo (Ferrari)

Ubiquitous perspectives in the vineyards of Cantine Lunelli

Tenuta Podernovo is located in the prestigious and emergent wine area of Pisan Hills
Lunelli family grow the passion for the wine excellence, strong of the oenological experience of three generations. After ten years of dedication, this project continues with the brand of Tenute Lunelli, a seal to the story of the uniqueness of these wines.

What we have done

For the event «Retex in mostra», finalized to the exposition of innovative customer experience for retail, we have designed a particular virtual space in the context of gripping storytelling. Here the participants, with a VR headset were able to experience a new and immersive path of knowledge of the Tenuta.

The key elements of the campaign

Nuvicom, communication agency of the Retex Group, has designed and managed every step of the project: creativity, production, post-production and development.


The user experience was designed to recreate, within the VR viewer, the journey that customers make during the visit to the real location. The story takes place through the exploration of the environments and access to hotspots, which explain the history of Lunelli wines, the production process and the brand itself.


The first step in creating the environments was the choice of the location inside and around the winery. The shooting process, profoundly different from the traditional one, requires specific attention to the point of view of the end user, both in terms of perspectives and of hierarchical ordering of information.


We have reworked the shots, created the User Experience, the design and the interactive contents and we have made them available in a virtual space, navigable by the user. The relationship between the perceived world inside and outside the headset is the key of the VR 360° experience.