The new vision of Laminam

A brand that brings together technological experimentation, innovation and sustainability
The Fiorano Modenese company, known internationally for the production of large-format, minimal-thickness ceramic slabs, wanted to further develop the tradition of its brand in an innovative way, proposing itself to the market as a reference model in the design of surfaces and coatings.


Superior Natural Surfaces is the tagline chosen by Laminam for its audience. Nuvicom, the creative agency of the Retex Group, has given concrete form to the change and evolution of the brand in a storytelling that links aesthetics and content. The rebranding process redefined and qualified the new logo, the payoff and the website design.

Description/goal achieved

A new brand platform for a renewed vision and mission. The aim of the new visual identity and the new communication plan is to further improve the positioning of the brand, its pioneering personality and the aesthetic refinement of the collections. The goal is the transfer of value to customers while continuing to pursue the ambitious results that have always characterized Laminam and its expansion.