The Geomagworld brand attracts new customers on Tmall

Magnetic constructions that defy gravity and stimulate creativity.
The leading Swiss-based toy manufacturer, Geomag, is committed to ensuring the highest quality standards for its products. A new line of recycled plastic products confirms its strong commitment to innovation and environmental sustainability.


Geomag expands its business in China and, together with Retex, makes its debut on Tmall, the marketplace (controlled by Alibaba, the global e-commerce giant) where it is difficult to list on without the support of experienced market operators. Geomag becomes the owner of a channel, positioning itself in a commercial ecosystem of products of all kinds, which counts billions of transactions every month.


From the opening and configuration of an official Geomag page on Tmall, to the organization of logistics for shipping products to China, Retex supports the brand’s path at every stage. Marketing activities designed for product promotion are fundamental, among which the most important is the engagement of qualified Key Opinion Leaders for an effective influencer marketing strategy. In order to maximize and optimize the investments, after the first months of monitoring the products with the greatest potential were identified and the most suitable promotional activities selected.