Deutsche Telekom

The future of home automation

Presently operating in more than 50 countries, Deutsche Telekom is Europe’s largest telecommunications company
Long before the pandemic made home isolation mandatory for millions of people, the company had already begun to trace lifestyles and behaviours related to home technology


With the implementation of the Digital Lifestyle project, Deutsche Telekom would have presented at ‘Fuorisalone 2020’ its vision of home automation, combining design and technology in the representation of three home scenarios. Visitors would have tried the experience of living in a home where technology integrates seamlessly with everyday life and supports their actions and needs, even by just detecting their presence.

What Retex Group did

Following the cancellation of the event, Nuvicom, a communications agency part of the Retex Group, supports the tech company in the continuation of the project. To make the experience offered to the customer as similar as possible to the one designed for the Fuorisalone event, Nuvicom created a 3D video showing the possible interactions between people and technology in the three different home settings:

  • Living
  • Kitchen
  • Playroom