Integration of software systems

Starbucks partners with the Percassi Group when the company, leader in Italy in the retail market, decides to invest in the food service industry. In the food & beverage sector, in addition to Starbucks, the Group already manages several brands such as Wagamama, Casa Maioli, Caio and Da30polenta.
Percassi is a group that rests on solid traditions, but also a developer of new catering concepts, dynamic and attentive to market evolutions, always in step with technological development and ready to seize all opportunities, both in terms of commercial expansion and residential development projects. The company’s activities are mainly concentrated in three business areas: retail, divided into own brands and licensed brands, real estate and Atalanta Footbal Club.  

The Project

In order to better manage the accounting and administrative activities of the Group, Percassi expressed the need to integrate the internal systems of the company with the Oracle Simphony software used by all POS belonging to the Group.


Thanks to the integration of software systems, the Percassi Group is now able to have access to the sales data of each POS organized according to its needs, allowing to speed up the consultation and data processing at a central level.

Retex Consultancy

In addition to the integration of software systems, Retex also carries out consulting activities for Percassi, not only on Oracle Simphony, but also on the sales methods to be adopted in the POS and inventory management. This allows the optimization of stock levels with suggested orders based on forecasts and the detection of inventory shrinkage.