Single management of order and home delivery

Deliveroo was founded in London in 2013 from an idea of Will Shu:
Be able to bring the best restaurants in the city directly to the customers’ homes, delivering their favorites dishes in a short time. Today Deliveroo provides its services in 200 cities in the world. The restaurants that have a partnership with Deliveroo, today, are more than 80.000.


The single management, in the cash register and the in kitchen, of orders of home delivery, through the integration of Deliveroo and Oracle Simphony apps.


Orders and pre-orders are included directly in the cash register and sent to the kitchen. This allows to optimize the resources, reduce errors and improve precision and delivery times.

Real-time Orders

The order is registered in the cash machine and immediately sent to the kitchen for the preparation.


The order is in real-time displayed in the cash machine and sent for the preparation half an hour before the collection.


The restaurant can choose the automatic display in the cash machine or the manual acceptance on the Deliveroo table