Poltrona Frau

Poltrona Frau: the successful integration of offline and online

Poltrona Frau is the epitome of Made in Italy furnishing
Its expert craftsmanship and sophisticated modernity in over ninety years of history of the brand have made it
the international synonym of discreet luxury.


Already present for years on WeChat with its own Official Account, the company decided on a new strategy of digital communication to strengthen the efficacy of the channel for Chinese users. The main objective of the project is to maintain consistent communication between the West and China of all the components: graphics, layout and tone of voice.



Poltrona Frau has managed to develop uniform communication across the various online channels. During the Trade Shows, the brand has paid greater attention to online-to-offline integration, which has allowed it to acquire new followers and increase the involvement of its Chinese clientele.

Restyling of the Official Account.

The brand implemented a complete restyling of its Offcial Account to create a new parallel look and feel on all the channels aligned with the brand identity. Poltrona Frau continues to manage messaging in-house, but with the support of Digital Retex to increase efficacy on its target.