Poli and the self checkout and Click&Collect systems

The Poli Group began in 1938. After the intense development of the previous thirty years, in 2000, it joined the Agorà Network, a purchase group of independent distributors (Sogegross, Iperal and Tigros).
Poli – operating today in Trentino Alto Adige with 70 sales outlets, 8 brands, 6 different distribution formats – has always acknowledged the strategic importance of technological innovation. Poli, an early adopter of the self-scanning technology, which is now being used for 60% of in store transactions, decided to adopt self-checkout, self-payment and click&collect solutions.  


Retex opted for the seamless union of all the touchpoints (self-scanning, self-checkout, self-payment and Click and Collect) in a multi-channel integration with Symag Customer Link Loyalty system. Following the excellent results achieved with IperOrvea in Rovereto, the Poli Group decided to extend the model to its entire sales network.


  • Front-store and back-store to support store sales.
  • Remote Command Engine to implement virtual tills: physical delivery to the work area and payment of purchases on the e-commerce website.
  • TPIShop for sales via self-scanning Motorola MC17 and MC18 terminals.
  • TPIScan for electronic self-payment and cash handling and sales always in self mode (and checkout with scales to check varying weights).
  • TPAdmin for central administration of the touchpoints.