Patients' stories collected in a book and eBook

The book created by Nuvicom for the I’m Rare Novartis’ project gather the stories of patients and families from all Europe.
Having an uncommon autoinflammatory disease could make you feel alone, scared, dismay for the present and uncertain about the future. The possibility to meet who share the same experience can help the patients to feel part of a large family. For this reason, I’m Rare it’s not just a book, but it is part of a path made by stories that intertwine and cross all the ages, useful for families, doctors, and institutions.



The narrative idea behind the structure is to tell the story of the protagonists in parallel, so that the reader can continuously travel from one place to another during the stages of relationship with the disease: waiting, dismay, diagnosis, new life, future


The book’s structure, with its parallel editing inspired by the cinematographic language, has a visual counterpart in a graphic treatment designed to enhance all the voices that compose the narrative.

Connecting patients, families, doctors, associations and schools

Many copies of the book will be distributed in the more representative places of the experience (schools, hospitals, associations) aiming to spread the awareness of rare autoinflammatory diseases and help to develop a support and share network of the experiences.

The book has been realized also in eBook format, suitable with the different versions of the available devices, aiming to maximize the spread towards the big audience.