Panino Giusto

Panino Giusto and its integration with third parties

Panino Giusto is a chain of 28 restaurants across five countries (Italy, Great Britain, France, Japan, Hong Kong and the USA).
How to improve operations linked to writing external orders to eliminate human error when copying.


Order sent via WEB or APP on the Strooka “all in one” platform and simultaneously sent to the kitchen to be prepared; recording on the check-out systems to prepare the receipt.


Panino Giusto has considerably improved order management by eliminating human error and increasing customer satisfaction.

Order management

Strooka™ is a cloud platform service. It not only collects orders from external sources (telephone, web, app, external partners, etc.), it also manages:

  • The various touchpoints (kiosk, app, website, etc.)
  • Customer information useful for marketing purposes.
  • Kitchen and back end processes.
  • The contents of the e-commerce website, the updates and configurations.
  • Reports and statistics.