Online in Italy, and not only

A culinary journey between Brazil and Japan.
The history of Temakinho, a Japanese-Brazilian restaurant chain with 15 premises in Italy, began in 2012 and has since then become established in several European countries. Each location, characterized by a refined decor, has its own identity, but what all restaurants have in common is certainly the intriguing culinary harmony from the union of seemingly opposite flavours.

The Project

Temakinho’s tantalizing cuisine is now online for ordering. Retex Group has developed an advanced order management system for the brand, active in all Italian restaurants and in Montecarlo. The portal, based on the Iconic Food&Beverage service platform, offers the possibility to choose between take away and delivery options.

Ordering and payment

The customer consults the menu and chooses whether to collect the order in the restaurant or rely on the self-delivery service and, lastly, the payment method, which can be made online, upon collection or delivery.
Also orders placed on Deliveroo are validated and uploaded directly into the POS via Iconic. In this way, the service is faster and the margin of error decreases.