LùBar and Pay at Table

LùBar is a very successful street food project, created in Sicily in 2013.
The Bonaccorsi brothers, owners of the business, were aiming to improve the service at Villa Reale: by eliminating queues at the till, reducing waiter till-table movement and eliminating mismatched table taken – table free during payment.


We implemented a Pay at Table solution using a POS to enable the customer to pay directly from his table with a bill and till receipt.



LùBar has considerably reduced customer waiting times, as he pays from his table and avoids queuing at the till. The service offered has improved considerably, as has personnel performance.

Pay at table

This enables payment of bills – via POS Ingenico IWE280 – to be made from the table and to immediately issue the till receipt. The customers at a table can decide whether to pay the bill by dividing it equally and paying for what each person has consumed individually.



Integration of the checkout systems and PDAs with POS with Oracle Simphony makes it possible to interface the transaction data with the front end system and the PDAs to take the order. The solution is also available without PDA devices to take the order.