Loss Prevention at Poli & Finiper

The Finiper Group is leader in three large areas of Mass Retail: hypermarkets (27 under the name of IPER), supermarkets (195 under the name of UNES) and property business.


Retex designed a Loss Prevention service by tracing sales operations. A detailed analysis of the KPI enabled Finiper to identify intenal fraud and improve company practices, which generated losses.


Each night, the system acquires the sales traces of all the tills of any type in the distribution chain. Out of these, 15 typical key performance indicators (modified transactions, refunds, loyalty campaigns) were analysed to identify any anomalies compared to the avaerage sales outlet per operator. Each discrepancy is highlighted, and enables KPI scanning – for each operator/till/PDV/day – including a check on the individual sales receipt.



1. Aborted, cancelled, suspended transactions
2. Refund of previous and final article
3. Discounts expiry dates
4. Loyalty transactions
5. Transactions containing price variations
6. Transactions with percentage discounts