Iper Monza Maestoso

The italian grocerant

Iper la grande i, decided to partner with Retex to guarantee an adequate and innovative technological support in every area.
Iper Monza Maestoso, in Monza (Italy), is an noteworthy application of the grocerant model in Italy: a place where a traditional supermarket and a restaurant coexist. On the ground floor the market lanes and shelves. On the first floor the food hall with five different food areas.

Table Service

The operating flow in the dining room and in the kitchens was optimized. Moreover, by integrating the applications with the tills, the guest can pay and receive the receipt at table.


The technology supporting this solution is Retex’s proprietary «ICONIC F&B». Client can choose the desired products through a digital menù on a tablet or through QR Code on mobile, directly from the table. Once an order is placed, it is transferred immediately to the kitchen. When the order is ready, a notification informs the clients who can pick it up.


Retex managed and delivered the integration of the Oracle Symphony suite in the areas where clients can choose, pay and take away the products



The Oracle Symphony suite and the self-ordering and self-payment apps simplified the service, reduced errors and customer waiting times, improving the consumer experience

TABLE ORDERING – self service pick up

Less errors and reduced waiting time at the table; the tills and the payment services are integrated with the self-ordering