Influencer marketing strategy for success in the Chinese market

International player in the made in Italy furniture and design sector.
Baxter stands out in the market for its continuous search for novelty and craftsmanship excellence. The brand faces with ingenuity the challenges raised since 2020, including the impossibility of presenting new products in Milan. As a result, the company develops a strategy to present nevertheless its collection to the market.


Baxter develops the Worldwide 2020 project, a combination of physical and online events aimed at its partners and end customers around the world. The involvement of Retex is fundamental to increase the online visibility of the event and the engagement of the public for the physical showrooms in Beijing and Shanghai. The choice, which led to the great success of the event, is the appointment of a KOL (Key Opinion Leader).


Thanks to its in depth knowledge of the Chinese market, Retex was able to support Baxter throughout the entire project, tracing the ideal influencer profile suitable for intriguing and convincing the target audience.


The influencer was physically present at the events, obtaining the desired following. The high level of interaction with the public, given by the numerous viewings and comments received to the posts, demonstrated the effectiveness of the strategy adopted.