In-store innovation

Basko is part of the Sogegross Group, leader in large-scale distribution in the Liguria region.
Headquartered in Genoa, the Sogegross Group celebrated in 2020 its 100th in business. The company operates in central and northern Italy with an extensive network of supermarkets, sixty of which under the Basko brand, which has enjoyed significant expansion in recent years.


The continuous evolution of the retail market and customer consumption behaviours requires ever-faster adaptation to new conditions. Basko is investing in technology by focusing on Smart Kiosks and Electronic labels. The partner chosen for the project is Retex, which has rapidly implemented the innovative solutions in two stores, with the intention of introducing them to all Basko supermarkets.

The solutions

Smart Kiosk
Allows to seamlessly integrate physical and digital retail and facilitate the interaction with the customer, enabling him to:

• Book his turn at the counter;
• Obtain information on products and ingredients;
• Check current prices and promotions.

Electronic labels
The solution allows:

• Automatic price alignment between checkout counters and labels, improving store efficiency by eliminating the manual tasks required and reducing the possibility of error;
• Optimization of restocking and Click & Collect processes.