Multichannel and digital listing suite

As a leading manufacturer of precision engineering components, hGears operates in various countries around the world, including Italy, Germany and China.
For Nuvicom, the communication agency of the Retex group, the collaboration with hGears began several years ago when, following the takeover by an international conglomerate, the company embarked on an extensive rebranding process, starting with the naming, payoff, brand platform, website, up to the redesign of the Chinese headquarters.

The Brief

Ahead of its listing on the Frankfurt stock exchange, Nuvicom develops a virtual site visit in the German headquarters, creating a live streaming event for investors. The final result combines physical and digital channels in a real live show which sees the participation of some of the most important investment funds in the world.

Nuvicom’s innovative and technological support allowed the creation of a multi-camera environment in which the management of hGears was able to answer direct questions from investors.

Physical and digital convergence

Nuvicom’s involvement covered different phases of the project:

  • Overall coordination;
  • Definition of technologies and technical setup;
  • Development and programming of interactive architecture;
  • Creation of visual components;
  • Live streaming production and direction.

The Website

With the creation of a new section of the ‘investor relations’ website, Nuvicom supported with the appropriate content and timescale the financial institutions that managed the listing.