Genoese confectionery in Italy and around the world

History is added to the quality in products with unique flavours
The tradition of Romanengo confectionery, which began in Genoa in 1780, has over time gone beyond national and European borders, reaching important markets such as the United States and Japan. The brand is not only distinguished by the precious craftsmanship of its products, but also by the refinement and elegance of the packaging and beauty of historic shops.


All shipments originate from the same atelier where the products are processed. Orders, plentiful and often for large quantities, are made through its online shop.

Romanengo has relied on Retex and its innovative solutions for the restyling and improvement of its e-commerce strategy. The web portal of the Genoese company, now based on the proprietary Iconic Food&Beverage platform, is completely renewed, for a fast and effective service.


Together with Retex, the confectionery shop is working on perfecting the online purchase service. This is done by simplifying the use and improving the payment, the pay and collect option and the shipping options around the world. For orders from abroad, the process adapts to local tax regimes.