Crudo and self ordering

Founded in 2016, Crudo is a catering company from Emilia Romagna featuring a culinary proposal with oriental, yet highly innovative roots.
Crudo wanted to improve customer experience, optimise order and payment times and integrate the orders with the check-out systems and the kitchen to improve preparation times.


Retex created a “Self Ordering” service: the customer can order directly from the table via Web App or Mobile App. This is integrated with the check-out systems to enable him to pay the bill autonomously.



Crudo reduced order and payment times considerably and created the desired engagement. It improved the flow of operations by using runners and reducing the number of waiters. “Cross-selling”, encouraged by promotions on the App, increased the sale of beverages.

Order Eat and Play


Using a Web App or Mobile App, the customer scans a QR code to access the digital menu and place his order, which is sent immediately to the preparation area.


By integrating the App with Oracle Simphony, the customer can ask for the bill and pay without moving.


The customer will find various games available on the App.