Castello Banfi

Retex right in the heart of Tuscany

The evocative medieval village of Poggio alle Mura hosts the historic Castello Banfi.
Meticulously restored by the Mariani family in 1983, in this charming place, which combines hotel hospitality with catering, we find the same passion for wine and food of the owners.

The project

Castello Banfi relies on Retex to improve some of the village’s main activities, including the two restaurants, the wine bar, the shops and the pool bar. The solution implemented for Castello Banfi optimizes the management of cash transactions and warehouse operations and the possibility of customizing applications for specific needs and improve the flow of operations.

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The solutions

Cash management
The transactions software facilitates the restaurants’ operations; simplifies the management of orders and the table service; simplifies the management of the price list for wine shop items; enables the monitoring of data recorded in the transactions.

Inventory control
The connection with the checkout interface allows to constantly monitor the stock to achieve better management of orders and warehouse transfers and, moreover, the identification of waste and inventory discrepancies.