Autogrill uses WeChat to take Bistrot to China and the world

Developed in partnership with the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo, Bistrot is a new catering format of the Autogrill group.
Created along the model of the urban market, Bistrot focuses on the wine and food traditions of the surrounding local areas. Following the inauguration of the first restaurant in Shanghai in 2017, Bistrot opened and autonomously ran an Official WeChat Account. Today, however, it relies on Digital Retex to manage the channel and make the most of its opportunities.


A unique, updated Official WeChat Account to support the consumer not only in China, but also throughout the world.



Bistrot uses WeChat to support communication for 10 selected global sales outlets. Thus, the brand has widened its target: from Chinese residents and the expats living in Shanghai to Chinese tourists travelling in the West. Headquarter’s centralised management guarantees maximum involvement in the activities of all the selected Bistrot restaurants. The result is consistent communication within the group and a homogeneous distribution of information and services to a very wide user network in a single channel. The objective is to achieve a better positioning in China and increased brand awareness by means of Glocal logic.


After a careful analysis of the brands and competitors in the Food sector, Digital Retex completely redesigned the menu of Bistrot’s Offical Account. By using the Iconic platform, we were also able include the configuration of a store locator amongst the many other advantages.



Digital Retex will take care of Bistrot’s editorial plan. It will manage the messaging broadcast and will provide a copywriting service to produce original, monthly contents to be published on the OA. This will also be integrated with Dianping, the App used daily by tens of millions of Chinese to search for and book a restaurant.