Doppio Malto

Ask and it will be brought to you.

20 points of sale in Italy and a delicious and varied menu now delivered at your home!
Doppio Malto, a craft beer that won multiple awards for the quality of its raw materials and production cycle, decided to improve the customer experience utilizing e-commerce and extending the delivery service to include food delivery.


Retex has chosen for the brand the Iconic Food&Beverage Platform, which offers innovative solutions for the catering sector.

A specific operating model has been developed for Doppio Malto that guarantees safety, speed and efficiency throughout the purchasing process, improving not only the shopping experience during the ordering and collection phase, but also the management of staff within its restaurants.


The platform offers customers the opportunity to order on the website and collect in the store at the chosen time, or opt for home delivery.
With the option ‘pronto birra h24’ customers can order their favourite bier and receive it at home within 24 hours thanks to a delivery service from the closest restaurant.
The advantages for the restaurant translate into a centralized and efficient order management, the synchronization of the activities of the restaurants that are currently using this technology and speed of payment thanks to the integration of all cash systems.